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Putin’s Efforts to Avoid Level 3 Sanctions from the EU

What game is Russian President Vladimir Putin playing to avoid EU level three sanctions? What does this week’s scheduled signing of the EU-Ukraine economic and trade agreement mean for Putin? ITE contributor Garry R. Moore explains.

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ITE welcomes former trade policy advisor as regular contributor

ITE is happy to announce a new regular contributor to the blog. We are truly grateful for this addition to the ITE team.

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Are Trade and Economic Sanctions Against Russia Really Worth It?

The United States has suspended upcoming trade and investment talks with Russia over the situation in Ukraine. Trying to hit Russia economically is supposed to work, right? Guest blogger Garry R. Moore discusses whether or not trade and economic sanctions are actually worth … Continue reading

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Why Russia Has Moved into the Crimea: A Perspectiv​e

Guest blogger Garry R. Moore challenges some existing explanations for Russia’s decision to send troops into the Crimea and offers his take to help us understand Russia’s actions. This piece is timely as current events unfold but also as a follow … Continue reading

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