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Five Things You Need to Know About Trade Promotion Authority

The 89th Annual World Trade Week began this week in Los Angeles.┬áDuring some of the events that I attended, members of the audience were asked to encourage their congress members to support three words–Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). What is TPA? … Continue reading

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The Midterm Elections and Trade Promotion Authority

There are 15 states in which the U.S. Senate races are being watched closely. Recent news reports are predicting that the Republican party, which already is the majority in the House, will become the majority in the Senate. (See Who … Continue reading

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The TPP Stands for Tense Political Pressure

This is a re-post of my latest writing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. As an update, negotiators met in Ottawa, Canada from July 3-12. Once again, the deadline for completion of the TPP has shifted. Not much was accomplished … Continue reading

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What should a fair trade agreement look like?

Many critics of free trade argue for fair trade agreements. However, as I have pointed out in responses to some of these critics, they never define exactly what a fair trade agreement should like. International Trade Examiner is interested in … Continue reading

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Top Two Reasons Why Congress is Slow to Give President Obama Fast Track Authority

There is one thing that the majority of┬áRepublican congress members and President Obama agree on–renewal of fast track authority, also referred to as trade promotion authority. That same support has failed to come across the aisle from the majority of … Continue reading

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