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What is Africa’s Role in the International Trade Dispute Process?

A number of countries throughout Africa have experienced economic growth and thus, have become competitive players in the international market. The success of a number of African economies has been documented by institutions over the last five years such as McKinsey … Continue reading

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Russia to Appeal to the WTO against US, EU Sanctions

In response to the U.S. and EU sanctions that have been put in place since March, Russia is now considering appealing to the World Trade Organization (WTO). On what grounds?

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End to Antigua-US Gambling Services Dispute In Sight?

Last year, I published a piece titled, Small States and Compliance Bargaining in the WTO: An analysis of the Antigua-US Gambling Services Case. The article highlights the ability of  a small Caribbean country, Antigua and Barbuda (referred to as Antigua), to successfully challenge … Continue reading

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President Obama’s record on international trade

This week, International Trade Examiner asks: What is President Obama’s record on international trade? President Obama has taken a number of steps to boost productivity, increase exports, protect U.S. workers and push for fair trade practices. Check out this week’s … Continue reading

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Small states can bargain effectively against large states in the WTO

I currently teach International Relations. In our current discussion about international conflict, students have argued that the country that has the most power will always win. That power can come in the form of military or economic power. I raise … Continue reading

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