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What China’s Currency Devaluation Means for US-China Trade

Following last week’s news about China’s economic slowdown and stock market crashes, China, once again, has devalued its currency. Debates continue as to what this most recent currency devaluation will mean for the global market. For example, Reuters reporters, Lu Jianxin … Continue reading

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The Effect of China’s Currency Devaluation on U.S.-China Trade

By Yasmin Aljarki After a central bank devaluation last week, China’s yuan fell to a four year low. This has sparked fears of a currency war brimming, as other countries also feel the pressure to devalue their currencies. Financial markets … Continue reading

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What Do Emerging Markets Have to Do With the High Price of Beef in the US?

I often encourage U.S. business owners to consider the growing number of consumers with greater purchasing power in developing countries as an additional market for their goods and services. Well, the impact of consumer demand in emerging markets, such as China, Brazil … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Look Beyond the Wall of BRICS to this Economy

U.S. companies have watched their profits grow in other markets within the last few years, despite the economic downturn. That is due to looking beyond the  trending developing country markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, often referred to as the … Continue reading

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Asia-Pacific Countries Continue Regional Trade Negotiations: What this means for US-Asia-Pacific trade relations

Sixteen Asia-Pacific countries began the third round of RCEP trade negotiations this week in Malaysia as international trade wonks, such as myself, continue to debate whether the TPP trade negotiations between the United States and 11 other Asia-Pacific countries will actually conclude. RCEP, if … Continue reading

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