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Send Rio 2016: Lessons for Business Owners and LA’s Bid for 2024 Olympics

by Luiz Guilherme Osório Additional research conducted by Natalie Hatour In the past months, news coming from Brazil has been less than optimistic. The economy is in a recession, and the political environment continues to be in crisis since the … Continue reading

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Two Reasons Why the United States Should Pay Closer Attention to MERCOSUR

By Martina Farías Bouvier It’s no secret that Latin America has been relinquished to the bottom of the U.S. policy agenda for more than a decade now. The region poses no military or terrorist threat and, as for trade, Americans … Continue reading

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Day One of the 2014 World Cup Brazil

I have had the opportunity to watch a live soccer game in Mexico City, Mexico and participate in the celebration when a local favorite team won in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since then, I have come to appreciate this great sport and now … Continue reading

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What Do Emerging Markets Have to Do With the High Price of Beef in the US?

I often encourage U.S. business owners to consider the growing number of consumers with greater purchasing power in developing countries as an additional market for their goods and services. Well, the impact of consumer demand in emerging markets, such as China, Brazil … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Look Beyond the Wall of BRICS to this Economy

U.S. companies have watched their profits grow in other markets within the last few years, despite the economic downturn. That is due to looking beyond the  trending developing country markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, often referred to as the … Continue reading

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