Message from the ITE Founder

Welcome to the International Trade Examiner. I founded this blog in June 2011 so that students, researchers, practitioners and other interested persons would have access to current information and debates surrounding the question of international trade without paying a hefty fee or having to read numerous pages of technical jargon.

As I design and prepare essays for this blog, the question that always sticks in the back of my mind is: Why should readers even care? What does it have to do with them? Simple Answer: Everything!

International trade affects our lives from the price of goods to employment and business opportunities.

For this reason, readers have an opportunity to learn about how their lives are impacted by international trade policies, agreements, negotiations and institutions.

Additionally, the International Trade Examiner offers detailed coverage of the 2012 presidential candidates and election as it relates to the question of global markets and the domestic economy.

I would like to thank my family, close friends and colleagues who have helped to make this blog a reality before the end of this summer. I am truly appreciative of their encouragement, constructive feedback, assistance with background research and advertising via their blogs, etc.

You are invited to use the International Trade Examiner as a way of engaging in thoughtful and constructive discussions about international trade.

You can also follow us on Facebook and via Twitter @intltradexaminr.


Sarita D. Jackson, Ph.D.