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Dear ITE Subscribers,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts about the ITE blog via our survey or just by submitting comments to our latest survey posts. Here is what people have to say:

  1. How satisfied are you with the overall content of our blog?  Satisfied – 100%
  2. How much do you agree or disagree that the issues covered in our blog/blog posts are valuable and relevant?  Strongly agree – 33.3%; Agree – 33.3%; Neutral – 33.3%
  3. How likely are you to visit our blog again? Very likely – 66.7%; Somewhat likely – 33.3%
  4. How likely are you to recommend the blog to a friend? Very likely – 66.7%; Somewhat likely – 33.3%
  5. Most valuable topics – trading with different countries and international business
  6. Suggestions for future topics? – n/a and no
  7. Would you be interested in providing content for our blog? – somewhat, maybe

We look forward to incorporating all suggestions to continue to meet our readers’ needs.

ITE posts will resume this Friday. Check out our guest piece on the opportunities for businesses in overseas’ markets during significant world events, such as this year’s Olympics in Brazil, and how those same opportunities present themselves locally.

Finally, per one comment, a guest blogger is analyzing the presidential candidate’s perspectives on international trade. We look forward to an interesting discussion about their policy positions and the impact it will have on international trade.




Sarita D. Jackson, Ph.D.

About Dr. Sarita D. Jackson

is the President and CEO of the Global Research Institute of International Trade, a think-tank/consulting firm that examines trade policies and their impact on domestic businesses. Prior to heading GRIIT, Dr. Jackson was a tenured associate professor of political science in North Carolina and worked as a trade policy consultant for an Arlington-based consulting firm. She has participated in trade policy projects and conducted research on free trade negotiations in Botswana, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Panama. Dr. Jackson has also traveled to Chile and Argentina to study their political systems and economic integration policies.
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