2012 in Review

International Trade Examiner is looking forward to the new year, especially after having a wonderful year in 2012. Here are International Trade Examiner’s accomplishments in 2012:


Nominated for the International Studies Blogging Award in the Most Promising New Blog category

Loyal Followers

24 e-mail subscribers + 3 subscribers following all comments, up from only 8 in January 2012

31 Facebook fans

194 Twitter followers today, up from about 11 in June 2012

Geographic Reach

Attracted readers from all over the world from countries such as Mexico, Zimbabwe, China, Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa

Coverage of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections 

The blog received positive feedback about the analysis of the 2012 U.S. presidential candidates’ views and/or record on international trade. You can review all posts from the primaries to the actual election cycle.

The most encouraging were the comments received about the substance of the video posts.

New Features

International Trade Examiner serves as a great resource for students and researchers with its Economic Data page.

Also, a number of video posts have been added. Check out my video commentaries.

My published research on the influence of small states on negotiations within the World Trade Organization and specific free trade agreements can be found on the Published Work page.

Finally, check out some of the recommended books on the right hand column under the Welcome message.

This, indeed, has been a great year. Thank you for your continuous support. Please encourage others who may have an interest in the information provided here to follow the blog via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

I look forward to another year of great discussions, increased presence within the blogging community, growing number of followers, and the implementation of additional features.

If you have any comments about the topics that you would like covered or on ways to improve the blog to meet your needs, feel free to comment below, fill out the comments form or send an e-mail to tradeexaminer@gmail.com.

I look forward to posting again in the new year.

About Dr. Sarita D. Jackson

is the President and CEO of the Global Research Institute of International Trade, a think-tank/consulting firm that examines trade policies and their impact on domestic businesses. Prior to heading GRIIT, Dr. Jackson was a tenured associate professor of political science in North Carolina and worked as a trade policy consultant for an Arlington-based consulting firm. She has participated in trade policy projects and conducted research on free trade negotiations in Botswana, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Panama. Dr. Jackson has also traveled to Chile and Argentina to study their political systems and economic integration policies.
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