From AGOA to FTA?

The 10th annual African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Forum is scheduled for this week, June 9-10, in Zambia. The forum will emphasize enhancing Sub-Saharan Africa’s (SSA) trade competitiveness and deepening regional integration. Additionally, AGOA, a unilateral initiative, is set to expire in 2015.

While AGOA has made positive strides in enhancing U.S.-SSA trade, it still leaves more to be desired. However, it would be worthwhile to look beyond AGOA towards signing reciprocal free trade agreements (FTAs) as a way of boosting competitiveness and promoting SSA intra-regional trade.

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About Dr. Sarita D. Jackson

is the President and CEO of the Global Research Institute of International Trade, a think-tank/consulting firm that examines trade policies and their impact on domestic businesses. Prior to heading GRIIT, Dr. Jackson was a tenured associate professor of political science in North Carolina and worked as a trade policy consultant for an Arlington-based consulting firm. She has participated in trade policy projects and conducted research on free trade negotiations in Botswana, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Panama. Dr. Jackson has also traveled to Chile and Argentina to study their political systems and economic integration policies.
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  1. DHJay says:

    This is a worthwhile and interesting piece. I am glad that you consider the African countries as serious trading partners.

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